We Go The Extra Mile.

When it comes to a kitchen, bathroom or any other kind of home remodeling project, you will want assurance that your project will not only look incredible, but that it will be completed, on time and on budget without causing you any unnecessary stress.

As one of the smaller North Dallas remodeling and construction companies, most of our business comes from referrals from our satisfied clients, so we continually strive to deliver quality remodeling projects on time and on budget. Therefore, we make every effort to achieve successful remodeling projects through careful listening, excellent planning and competent execution. For example, because we rely so much on referrals for our bathroom and our kitchen remodeling projects we have developed a mission to always OUTPERFORM other remodeling companies in the Dallas area by going the extra mile.

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At Plano Elite Remodeling we also offer a one-stop shop for design and construction. This one-stop shop also helps insure that your project will be on time and under budget, since we understand and have a passion for the design and vision for your home that we want to bring to life. We believe it’s that understanding and passion that have made us one of the most trusted and respected construction and kitchen and bath remodeling companies in the Dallas area.

Plano Elite Remodeling Mission

It is our mission to always go the extra mile to OUTPERFORM other remodeling companies on every construction or remodeling project in terms of design, craftsmanship, and service while staying on schedule and budget. Our goal is to meet and exceed our client’s needs, while increasing project efficiency to deliver on time, within budget and always according to schedule.

The Plano Elite Remodeling Trust Factor

The reason that the majority of our business is built on referrals is because our clients are pleased that we consistently go the extra mile to develop their trust and respect. At Plano Elite Remodeling, we always stand by our clients and guide them through every step of the building or remodeling process from planning to way beyond the project completion. By listening and maintaining open lines of communication throughout your construction or remodeling project, we insure that your project creates the environment you want and becomes an investment that will generate a return when you sell your home.

Remodel or Upgrade

If you are ready for your dream home or for that kitchen, bathroom or any other remodeling project that will give you your dream home or you just need to make some upgrades or improvements, call Plano Elite Remodeling now at (972) 8728844 or email us.